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Sports have been a part of human history for as long as anyone can remember, going as far back as the Babylonian and Roman times (possibly even earlier than that) and all of them had one common thing: they all had fixed matches every once in a while,with each side pushing to force themselves a win through the easy way. During ancient times, fixing matches have been done through exchange of animals or whatever was precious at that time. Today, exchanges for match fixing come in the form of money or something equivalent to money such as gold, property and jewels.

Match Fixing Today

Today, match fixing has become a sport in itself, with multiple sides battling it out to force their team ahead for the win, convincing the other side to take the loss and be generously compensated for it. From match fixing in horse racing to hockey to football, match fixing happens everywhere. Although at times it has not been deemed as a very unethical action, but even then, it hasn’t stopped anyone from fixing matches and that’s where we come in.

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